"We have been needing a saddle rack that safely protects the panels of a saddle and in turn protects the proper saddle fit for a horse and rider. The panel of a saddle are a huge component of how weight is distributed evenly on a horse's back. I walk into barns daily and see saddles with poor fit due to saddle rack indenting the panels of the saddles.

Sadly, many riders don't flip their saddles over to realize the indentations created by other racks. With a wool flocked saddle, a saddle fitter can adjust the flocking and help heal the damage of a bad saddle rack. However, foam panels are much more difficult and expensive to replace and break down from saddle racks quickly as well. If you care about proper saddle fit, a happy horse back, proper performance, and maintaining your saddle, you must store your saddle properly. Save Your Saddle-Rack is the solution I have been looking for!"

Kendra Stuber Cochran

"We treat many horses that have sore backs from ill fitting saddles. Full support of the flocking and saddle is as important as the proper fit. SYSR is the only saddle rack that completely supports the entire saddle."

Cindy Krout, RVT and Wendy Albrecht, RPT, RVT
North Coast Equine Physical Therapy

"Keeping equipment in excellent condition is a primary responsibility for Pony Club members. Indeed the requirements for tack become more progressively demanding as a Pony clubber moves along in their training, reinforcing the idea that tack is a necessity for safe riding and horse well being. We teach that respect for the condition of your saddle and the way it fits your horse directly translates into your mounted activities. Our barn tack rooms are full of saddles perched on piles of saddle pads in an attempt to protect the fitted panels from being affected by the bare bones of traditional racks. I personally see expensive gel and sheepskin pads used for specifically this purpose.

We were fortunate to be able to buy prototypes of SYSR a year ago and since then they've been put to the 'test'. They are fantastic. The saddles are held securely and in a great position without any extra pads/padding and you would never know by looking at our racks that they had been in daily use for a year. We have moved their location and cleaned the cushions - and they're still in as-new condition. Given the expense of saddles and keeping them properly adjusted, SYSR is a cost effective investment for anyone who wants to have their equipment in ''Pony Club shape'."

Gayle Ravenscroft DC
Marin County Pony Club
(and mom to Pony Clubber and 3 day eventers, Mairin and Buddy)
Bolinas, California

"With the Save Your Saddle Rack my saddles no longer gets the indentations on the panels underneath and it helps keep the saddle fitter costs down! I highly recommend these to everyone who wants to help protect their horse and their saddle. It has made a big difference in our tack room!"

Danielle Downing
Rider, trainer, and barn manager

"My name is Martine McGuinness and I have been a licensed equine body masseuse for fourteen years. I am also a horse owner. I know first hand the importance of how a proper fitting saddle affects the well being of a horse. I am also aware of the high cost of a well fitted saddle. How a saddle is stored is very important. The flocking which is made of wool or foam can be damaged and effect the balance and fit of the saddle.

The Save Your Saddle Rack (SYSR)is designed provide ultimate protection for the saddle. It preserves the integrity of the flocking and the leather, because it is well padded. The width of the SYSR is proportionally correct as it does not stretch out the panels or cause stress on the tree. I am happy to endorse the SYSR. I feel it is well designed, affordable and provides much needed protection for your saddle."

Martine McGuinness